Data Center Consulting Services:

  • Strategy/plan development
  • IT infrastructure assessment
  • Cloud readiness assessment
  • Infrastructure optimization
  • Standards (ITIL, etc) implementation
  • Run Book Update service
  • Short and long term IT staffing solutions
  • Best practices consulting
  • and more!



Getting it right the First Time is Mission Critical

Data center programs impact nearly every aspect of business – financial, operational, technology, sales and facility. Each group has different objectives and requirements and, given the tremendous complexities and risks (downtime, loss of revenues, jobs and reputation) of data migration, mistakes can cripple, or worse, close your business.

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Onsite Physical Site Surveys

Our end-to-end data center assessments service reviews your existing data center’s growth, floor space, power consumption, cooling requirements, reliability and points of failure. We do a full assessment of the people, processes, policies and technology already in place to create a holistic, customized plan that eliminates security and non-compliance risks, improves cost and service efficiency, and enables IT departments to become true service providers for their companies.

DRBC & Data Center Infrastructure Consulting

Your infrastructure’s design was probably adequate originally installed, but fast-changing needs and constant technology shifts has turned your system from a business asset into a liability. The Officeprise Data Center Consulting team in Dallas guides companies like yours through the intricacies and complexities of cloud, virtualization, data migration, backup, Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity (DRBC), access and security through vendor-agnostic data center infrastructure consulting.

Officeprise Data Migration Services include:

  • Project/Program Management
  • Data center migration planning and execution
  • Technical Delivery Management
  • Storage/SAN migrations
  • p2p, p2v, physical and virtual server host migrations
  • Archive data migrations



Data Center Migration Consulting

Officeprise helps companies fine tune their current model or, visualize their future state by helping model, plan, and develop their data center infrastructure. We excel at mapping out data migration services framework using a methodical approach to design, plan, and execute data movement and data center migrations.

Cloud and Virtualization

Whether streamlining the delivery model or using the latest technology to enhance your internal approach, leveraging a cloud based operating model is forward-thinking

Cloud / Virtualization Impact Analysis
  • Opportunity analysis
  • Financial analysis
  • Application complexity analysis
  • Business case
Cloud / Virtualization Modernization
  • Defined service level requirements
  • Next generation service catalog
  • Reference architecture
  • Strategic plan


Disaster Recovery

Designed to meet business specific requirements for business continuity and recovery in the event of a total or partial disaster. We rank and rate applications to plan out the sequence and include interdependencies to ensure entire suite recovery.


IT and Cyber Security

We safeguard businesses and ensure BRBC and repel sophisticated cyber attacks, adhere to regulatory compliance and, implement security policies for mobility.


Backup and Storage

With AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies now affordable, the management and maximization of data has never been more important. How we store it, control it, and support it, is core to an IT department’s success or failure.