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LaunchPad Hosted Desktops are lightning-fast Virtual Workspaces that replace the PC.


Also known as a Workspace-as-a-Service (WaaS), our virtual desktop is a complete turnkey solution that centralizes and simplifies the management of users and applications by moving your business data to the cloud. Applications are stored centrally, available from anywhere, with permission-based access through any desktop, tablet or mobile device – and safer with email, HIPPA, SOX and PCI compliant security to the last device.

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Really Simple Migration

Upgrading your company is a big decision, so we enable you to integrate onsite computing and telecommunications at your own pace, migrating risk and maintaining operational functions and continuity during the transition.


Remote Desktop Services

Employees log in to their own provisioned and customized workspace (remote hosted virtual desktops) to access content, information and applications through our CSP. Information is constantly sync’d and gives them the freedom to work on a Mac or PC, from anywhere in the world, even over slow networks.

Reduce Costs and Speed Productivity

Virtually eliminate corporate hardware and software and provide your company with more functionality and mobility with better applications and stronger security. Your CAPEX are contained and your OPEX costs are predictable while consolidating billing and improving your levels of customer service and support. In addition, your business can recover the value of existing assets and improve employee retention with dramatically reduced overhead.

Financial Advantages

  • Reduce hardware costs related to Windows migrations
  • Reduce IT deployment resources
  • Reduce in-house technical support
  • Reduce CapEx related to PC hardware costs
  • Replace with OpEx cloud-based subscription service.
  • Consistent subscription costs for financial planning.
  • Recover the value of existing assets
  • Improve customer and employee retention



Operational Advantages

  • 82,000 applications
  • HIPPA, SOX and PCI compliant
  • Centralizes geographically dispersed workforces.
  • Onboard new employees in just hours.
  • Mobile access to all info and applications
  • Speed and simplify software development dev & deployment
  • Eliminates disparate application integration during M&As.
  • Ensure disaster recovery and business continuity (DR/BC).
  • LaunchPad includes other services such as:
    • HD VoIP higher quality, new POE phones with 7” color screens and every feature you would need
    • HD Video Surveillance, multi-purpose cameras and recording
    • WiFi – Service Provider pricing for Broadband and Cellular

DaaS also helps ensure a consistent user experience, regardless of device model or brand, while standardizing deployment, security and support.

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