Business Internet Solutions

Carrier-neutral pricing for all services carriers in your areas with one single bill and, the best possible solutions integration and installations services available.



Business DSL

A Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) is a high-speed Internet access that uses the same copper phone wires that your telephone service uses. This makes it available in many areas since the infrastructure is already in place.

Business Cable Internet

Starting off as a simple service to residential and small businesses to carry TV signals, Cable Internet and Cable Internet Providers have evolved to handle enterprise Internet access, Internet Transit and Peering, domain name registration and hosting, voice services, phone features and TV.



Ethernet over Copper (EoC)

Ethernet over Copper, or “EoC” service offers businesses a symmetric broadband connection to the Internet, and/or to a carrier backbone network, at speeds ranging from 2.0 Mbps to 75 Mbps. Unlike T1 service available everywhere, EoC service has variable reach. The closer a customer is to the carrier’s central office (CO), the faster the connection capability / broadband speeds.

Ethernet Over DS1 (EoDS1)

“EoDS1” is Ethernet Internet connectivity with T1 availability and reliability. EoDS1 installs DS1 loops and special equipment to deliver Ethernet service to the location without distance or building restrictions. These Ethernet services cost less per MEG and faster speed and reliability than traditional bonded circuits.



Gigabit Ethernet

Gigabit Ethernet, or “Gig-E”, is ultra-high capacity IP for enterprises via fiber-optic cable that forms the backbone of the communication link between the carrier and the end-user. “Gigabit” refers to the capacity which is 1,000 Mb (Megabytes), or 1 Gb (Gigabyte), per second. The Gigabit Ethernet range is typically between 1,000 Mb (1 Gb) and 40,000 Mb (40 Gb).

International DIA

Dedicated Internet access allows you to have a dedicated Internet connection. This enhances a business experience internationally by creating business opportunities for everyone. A German company could have the same access to the Internet or a cloud based option as some in America.



Metro Fiber Ethernet (Metro-E)

Metro Ethernet, or “Metro-E”, is a high capacity broadband service for businesses via fiber optic cable between the carrier network and the end-user. “Metro” refers to the fiber optic that spans from one side of the city to another, and “Ethernet” refers to the type of IP hand-off involved at each end of the connection. Unlike copper-based TDM services that are available everywhere, Metro-E is limited only to buildings in which fiber has been connected by a commercial Internet service provider

Satellite Internet

Satellite fixed wireless is an Internet service that delivers broadband service through radio waves rather than cable in the ground. Speeds will vary between different satellite broadband providers, but normally max out at 15 Mbps download speed.