Integrated IP Video & Access Control Solutions

Our high quality, low cost Video Management and Surveillance Systems keep your company and everyone in it protected. Dashboard provides views of advanced video management, access control, analytics, audio, and intrusion into an easy-to-use integrated IP video security and access network platform.

  • IP Video Management
  • Gateway IP Access Control
  • Video Analytics
  • Intrusion
  • Event Management
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Audio Analytics
  • Audio Integration
  • Video Display


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Our IPVS is a high-definition IP Video Management System that enables companies of all sizes to deploy a reliable surveillance system with the flexibility to scale and adapt to rapidly changing demands in any security environment. Its powerful architecture enables us to quickly deploy and support unlimited cameras and workstations with the assurance business continuity.

  • Requirements analysis
  • Design engineering
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Systems Installation & Integration
  • Systems Configuration & Programming
  • System-wide Testing
  • Administration-operational Training
  • As-built Documentation
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Preventive Maintenance

Key Features Include:

  • 24/7 Monitoring Services &Access Control
  • High Resolution Indoor/Outdoor Color IP Cameras
  • Intrusion and Perimeter Detection
  • Centralized monitoring and reporting
  • Mobile Apps and Web Client
  • Reduced Video Hardware Footprint
  • Network DVR Systems
  • Security Center Cloud Services
  • Video Analytics
  • Dynamic Interactive Maps
  • Point-of-Sale
  • Intercom
  • Cloud Archives


Video Management System and Security Surveillance (HD IPVS)


Optimized Recording Throughput

Highly scalable VMS supports up to 700Mbps of total throughput on certified appliances and reduces the need for on-site hardware.


Multi-Task View

Multiple task view enables operators to see and do more such as monitor video, search archives and, pull reports.


Dynamic Interactive Maps

Easily monitor and manage all sites with interactive maps that provide a dynamic view of all security devices, alarms, and system statuses.


Push Mobile Video to Security Center

Capture and send live video from smart phones using our dashboard, enabling operators at their workstations to view events in the field.


Deep Integrations with any hardware

Officeprise IPVS is built with an open architecture that supports thousands of IP cameras, devices and server partners so that your investment is not locked into a proprietary solution.


Health Monitoring

A dedicated engine monitors the system status, sends real-time notifications and statistics of health-related events, and optimizes the network as needed.


End-to-End Data Privacy and Security

Achieve greater security of sensitive data with secured communications between clients, servers, and edge devices. Officeprise IPVS gives companies the ability to encrypt video in transit or at rest and, export video.


GPU-Accelerated Decoding

Display more cameras and review video with greater fluidity from a single workstation with the ability to leverage graphics cards and embedded graphics processing units (GPU) to rapidly decode high-resolution video.


Unified Access Control

Operators can verify cardholder pictures against live or recorded video to control access at every door and, rapidly respond to incidents with powerful search and reporting tools that accelerate investigations.


Failover and Redundancy

The Officeprise IPVS has built-in failover and redundancy mechanisms that protect against hardware failure or network interruptions so Operators can always count on the availability of video recordings and access to cameras.


Manage more Cameras

Officeprise IPVS has an advanced architecture can handle deployment in some of the world’s largest and most demanding video surveillance applications while optimizing the video stream to reduce network load.


Greater Security through Unification

Unification provides a seamless view of every camera and notifications on the security system network. Achieve greater awareness of your security environment with access control, video analytics, and intrusion systems from Officeprise IPVS.


Scale Security to meet any Threat

The Officeprise IPVS United Communication platform achieves greater security by unifying video surveillance system with other security and business systems. A single intuitive interface enables seamless control of all operations and rapidly response to emerging situations.