Secure Mobility Services, from the SMB to the Enterprise

A mobile-first strategy improves Sales and Customer Service representatives’ preparedness and productivity, accelerates lead qualifications, shortens the sales cycle, promotes information exchange between
Sales and Service and, enables real-time analytics to drive highly-effective Sales and Service force behavior.


Mobile-First Strategy & DaaS

Create a single sales and service mobility solution in the cloud using mobile devices and Desktop-as-as-Service (DaaS) to lower total cost of ownership of sales force hardware, reduce in-office training time, and decreased Sales and Customer Service Representative time on technology activities by an average of three hours per week.

Drive Mobility in Sales and Service

Leverage a moble-first strategy to make business processes more agile
and streamlined – from location-based services to multi-media screens.
We’ll help you determine how to best sell and service customers and,
uncover how the customers want to be sold to and serviced.

This strategic and operational shift creates a more efficient processes,
enabling employees to close more deals and decrease sales cycle time.
With easier and increased access to information, the sales team will drive profit through increased sales and operational efficiency.



We tailor enterprise architectures and application strategies, evaluate and establish Mobility Centers of Excellence, and plan security and infrastructure strategies to:

  • Develop mobility strategies
  • Create mobility business and technology plans
  • Design mobility solutions
  • Drive enterprise and customer value
  • Develop mobility strategies
  • Create mobility business and technology plans
  • Design mobility solutions
  • Drive enterprise and customer value

Wireless Network Implementation

We design, survey, sell, run cable, install hardware, validate, train your staff, and even monitor your system after implemention. By combining our site survey services with sales and implementation, we address all your needs and lower your total cost of ownership.


Our Wireless Network Implementation Process includes:

  • Our Methodology
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Manual Site Surveys
  • RF Spectrum Analysis
  • Security
  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Sales
  • Troubleshooting
  • Identity Management with advanced AD Integration

Predictive Modeling

Also known as Virtual Site Surveys, Predictive Models allow us to efficiently and accurately identify the number of access points, placement and configuration by creating “what if” scenarios that shows us the effect of change in real time.

Onsite Surveys

We conduct manual site surveys to physically validate mission-critical application designs. We temporarily mount access points and antennas and test for signal strength and Signal-to-Noise (SNR) ratio to check the signal’s viability, interference and data rates.

RF Spectrum Analysis

Wireless networks operating in unlicensed frequencies risk interference from microwaves, cordless phones, Bluetooth, video cameras, etc. During the onsite wireless site survey, we use RF spectrum analyzers to identify and design around physical-layer interference.